BHS Band Uniform Information


Band students are issued two uniforms during the school year:  a marching band uniform and a concert dress uniform.  Marching Uniforms are issued on Registration Day–the Saturday after band camp.  Concert uniforms are issued during class over the course of a week sometime in late fall/early winter.  They are expected to know where their items are and keep them in clean and working condition.


Marching Uniform Parts

  • Jacket - The purple and white zip-up top
  • Bibbers - The black overall looking pants
  • Gauntlets - The white cuffs that have silver buttons that velcro around the wrists
  • Gloves - White gloves, distributed by the director only
  • Shako - The hat
  • Plume - The feather in the hat
  • Dinkles - Marching shoes
  • All students are responsible for bringing their water bottle, band shirt, loose fitting black athletic shorts, and long black socks.


Concert Uniform Parts

  • Males are issued tuxedo pants and a jacket.  They are responsible for bringing a white dress shirt, long black socks, and black dress shoes or dinkles.
  • Females are issued a dress.  They are responsible for bringing black dress shoes.


Marching Specifics

Students are issued a jacket bag with their jacket and bibbers.  Nothing else should be in the jacket bag and no other parts of the issued uniform should be coming home.  

  • Their band shirt, shorts, and socks should be washed after each wear.  It is advisable to have at least two pairs of shorts and socks.
  • Their jacket and bibbers should also be washed at home after each wear.  Note:  there are situations where this is not possible and students leave their uniforms in the band hall overnight.  PLEASE SEE THE UNIFORM CARE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO WASH. DO NOT IRON OR DRY ON HIGH HEAT, THEY WILL MELT.  DO NOT USE STAIN REMOVERS OF ANY KIND.
  • They must not eat in their uniforms unless directed to do so by the director.  Please do not bring your student food or drinks in the stands at football games.  We have set meal times and water for them throughout each event.  They should bring a refillable water bottle to every band event.
  • After a game or competition, the marching uniform should be returned to school the Tuesday of the following week.
  • Marching uniforms need to be "turned in" for the year by the end of January.


Concert Specifics

Students are issued a concert bag with their concert uniform.  This uniform should only go home TWICE: once for tailoring and one for dry cleaning.  The remainder of the year the uniform should remain at school and is only worn for the duration of the concert or competition.

Other Uniform Questions


The uniform is all wrinkled. What should I do?

You can try a few things - 

  1. Put the uniform back in the dryer with a small damp cloth for a dryer steaming, then take it out immediately after. 
  2. You can steam wrinkles out with a steamer. 


My student has said their gauntlet/hat/gloves are dirty. What can they do?

  • They can exchange badly stained items with the quartermaster.
  • Hats can be wiped down with supplies at school. Hats should be kept at school at all times.  They need to see the quartermaster.
  • Your student will know who the quartermaster is and how to address uniform issues with them.


What else do I need to know?

  • No permanent alterations are allowed.  You can make repairs, but at no time may you cut any of the fabric.
  • The hem of the pants should go right ABOVE the shoe. The shorter length is for competition, where the judges do a uniform inspection and need to see everyone's feet marching in time.
  • The black socks should be tall, ideally going to the knee.
  • Black shorts and a designated t-shirt should be worn underneath the uniform at all times.  No tank tops, no bike/volleyball style shorts.


We love student accountability, but we ask that parents/guardians oversee the responsible care of the uniforms.  When uniforms come home to wash, please wash them.  If your student is in charge of washing their uniform, please make sure it is being washed in accordance with the uniform care instructions.  All uniforms are the property of BISD.


If you're not sure of something, please ask us at or your director!  We know that spills, stains, split seams, and tears happen and we’re here to help!